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Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology is the practice of using specific pressure techniques and massage of the hands to improve the sense of health and well-being of the receiver. Areas on the hands called reflexes are aligned to each organ, gland and part of the body. The basis of Reflexology is the belief that internal body energy flows along energy lines that connect from the hands to the various parts of the body. The blockage of this energy is believed to cause discomfort in the body, eventually leading to disease. Conventional science does not validate this theory however the newest branch of science, quantum physics, promotes energy as the basis of all life, including our health and well-being.

By applying a sequence of specific massage and pressure techniques to the hands the flow of internal life-force energy can be restored and the body may return to balance (homeostasis). The return of this energy flow and balance helps the body to rest and repair itself naturally without unpleasant side effects.

Hand Reflexology follows the basic principles of Foot Reflexology and Auricular Reflexology. The human body is reflected in the hands in the same manner as the feet and the ears. Zones and meridians are indicated in the hands, as on the feet and the ears. Areas on the hand, which relate to organs, glands or parts of the body, are also called "reflexes" as in Foot and Auricular Reflexology.


Rates Inquiries


45 minute Hand Reflexology session: $65

30 minute Hand Reflexology session: $45

30 minute Hand Reflexology session + 60 minute Foot Reflexology session: $110

Prices do not include taxes

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