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Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath by Eco-Detox

How to Use An Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath


Put your feet or hands in the bath with lightly salted warm water along with the ion generator for about 30 minutes.  

During this time the ionized water transmits the precious electrically charged particles to the whole body.


Some Known Effects of Detoxification:


.  Body heals itself

.Vital energy reserves are replenished

.  Harmful acidifying free radicals are diminished/eradicated

.  Immune system strengthened

.  Cells are regenerated

.  Assists in removing harmful microorganisms (fungi, yeasts, parasites)

.  and more


Rates Inquiries

30 minute ion cleanse detox foot bath: $45

Parasite Zapper after ion cleanse detox foot bath: $10 per 15 minutes

30 minute ion cleanse detox foot bath + 60 minute Foot Reflexology session: $110

Prices do not include taxes

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